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Home Birth Services

Birth is a miraculous and powerful experience that should be respected and honored. By allowing the natural process of birth to take its course, we can ensure a safe and healthy experience for both the birthing person and baby. Having a comprehensive knowledge of childbirth, emergency equipment available (if needed), and experienced professionals standing by your side can help you establish a sense of trust and security that makes home delivery a safe and healthy option for you.

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“Just as a woman’s heart knows how and when to pump, her lungs to inhale, and her hand to pull back from fire, so she knows when and how to give birth.” —Virginia DiOrio

What to Expect

Services Included

In early labor, with the support of your partner and possibly a doula, you will focus on rest, solid nutrition, and staying hydrated to maintain energy while your contraction pattern builds.  We will remain in close contact by phone and decide together when the time is right for your birth team to come to your home. Once a plan is made to join you in your home, the midwife will arrive at your home with 1-2 midwives and/or a trained birth assistant. We will stay approximately 3-5 hours after the birth, until both the birthing person and baby are stable and ready to settle into bed for their well deserved postpartum nap.

  • Emergency equipment brought to each birth including:

    • Anti-hemorrhagic medications, IV therapy, oxygen and resuscitation equipment. 

  • Monitors of the birthing person's vitals and the baby's fetal heart tones, and the wellbeing of both through out labor and delivery. 

  • Monitors the progression of labor

  • Encourages adequate nourishment, hydration, and rest (when needed)

  • Promotes upright mobile birth and trusting your body's ability and cues to birth your baby

  • Provides birth tub for pain management in labor and water birth, if desired. 

  • Promotes immediate skin-to-skin with the birthing person

  • Assesses newborn's transition immediately after birth and over the next few hours

  • Routinely delays cord clamping

  • Assists with establishment of nursing

  • Assesses perineum for repair (suturing performed with a numbing medicine, if needed) 

  • Provides belly binding with Cloth/Elastic Bandage Wrap

  • Birth tub rental and placenta encapsulation are included


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