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Placenta Encapsulation 

The placenta is a truly incredible organ! It starts working as soon as an embryo develops and forms the direct connection between mother and child. Not only does it offer nourishment, but it may even provide comfort to the baby. Placenta and baby share a powerful bond during the time spent in the womb. The placenta continues to provide life-giving nutrients after birth, until the infant is strong enough to sustain itself earth side. The placenta plays a vital role in the early, healthy, and peaceful development of a child, which is why it is revered by so many cultures, making it an object that is deserves respect. When encapsulating your placenta it will always  be treated with respect, reverence and care! 


“The earth, like a womb, is our origin. The earth, like the placenta, sustains us. Sacred birth companion, we honor you. We ask for your gifts healing and strength. Returning you to the body you came from. Returning you to the womb that held you.” 

—Adapted from Sara Harkness

What to Expect 

Preparation Methods

Add Ons/ Options

Taking advantage of the natural healing power of your own placenta is now easier than ever with placenta encapsulation. Our professional service allows you to reap the myriad benefits of your placenta, like increased energy levels, improved hormone balance and milk production, reduced postpartum depression/ the “baby blues”, shorten postpartum bleeding, assist the uterus in returning to it’s pre-pregnancy size, and increasing postpartum iron levels. With placenta encapsulation, you can experience the natural healing power of your placenta in an easy-to-take form. Try it today and start feeling better tomorrow! 

Placenta encapsulation involves the process of dehydrating and grinding the placenta into fine powder, which is then put into capsules for easy consumption. Your placenta can either be processed using the Raw Method or the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Inspired Method.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Inspired Method of preparing the placenta for encapsulation.  This includes washing, steaming, dehydrating, and finally encapsulating. To encapsulated using the TCM Inspired Method, we steam your placenta using lemon and ginger. The lemon is thought of as an antiseptic, and can help move the placenta throughout the body, while the ginger acts as a warming agent. 


  • Highest safety standard as steaming the placenta is more likely to kill any bacteria on the outside of the placenta 

  • Makes the iron and other nutrients more attainable through the steaming process



  • The process of steaming the placenta decreases the size of the placenta, and thus can decrease the amount capsules that are yielded from the placenta

  • Even though the lemon and ginger are not dehydrated or encapsulated, it's important to consider that they come into contact with the placenta during the steaming process. This could cause issues for those with food allergies or sensitivities, so keep this in mind and let us know.


Raw Method of preparing the placenta for encapsulation.  This includes washing, dehydrating at a low temperature, and finally encapsulating. To encapsulated using the Raw Method, we avoid using any heat in the processing. Raw food activists believe that steaming the placenta destroys some of the essential nutrients. Using this option provides a burst of energy upfront and great hormone stabilization.


  • Provides a larger number of capsules when compared to TCM method since placenta is not steamed.

  • Capsules can be very potent, so fewer pills are needed throughout the day.



  • The internal temperature of the placenta does not reach a high enough temperature to kill blood borne pathogens

  • Not recommended by the CDC


For the safety purposes, I only process one placenta at a time and follow OSHA and Blood Borne Pathogen health and safety standards to maintain cleanliness and sterility.  


We can help you maximize the benefits of your placenta and keep precious memories alive. Our services include processing the placenta, as well as other creative ways to transform it into a treasured keepsake and beneficial products. We help you take full advantage of the precious gift you have received. Optional services include: 

  • Art Prints/ Photos

  • Cord Keepsake 

  • Herbs (additional herb blend is added to enhance postpartum healing)

  • Tincture 

  • Salve/ Whipped Body Butter

  • Placenta Shake Preparation 


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